Operation Legacy

Life Planning Workbooks for Veterans & Active Duty
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Our Veteran Heroes have paid the price - It's time for America to give back!

Operation Legacy Workbook & Faith Based Light to My Path

The 314 Page Workbook is a hands-on stand alone skill building tool designed specifically for our Military Heroes. It walks the Veteran through 5 steps and 20 life changing exercises to develop a robust life plan based on their personal vision, purpose, passions, mission and strengths



"This reads like the definitive Field Manual for the difficult transition from military to civilian life. Wish I'd had something similar when I made the leap. It would have saved a lot of hassles and heartaches. If you're planning on leaving military service after one tour or an entire career, get this book and study it from cover to cover. If you know someone who is getting out and about to cross that transitional minefield, get this book for them. You can't find a better way to say thank you for their service." - Dale Dye, Captain, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret), Warriors Inc., Media Military Advisors

“Operation Legacy will help you answer the question, 'Why am I here on this planet?' and 'How can I best maximize my gifts and talents to serve humanity?' Don’t become one of the many who pass through life without having played their best music. Take this book to heart and give it your all. Remember, if you can look up, then you can get up – so never give up.” - Dr. Ron Archer, Consultant to U.S. Military, Pastor, and Author of Ron Archer on Teams, Dunamis, and Soulfood for the Chicken.

“Spread this gift around. Operation Legacy is for everyone in the midst of one of life's great transitions. Its revolutionary tools and exercises create focus and velocity—exactly what you need to start soaring with a life of passion, purpose, and positive attitude. Where does the secret of success reside? Come look inside.” - David Cooperrider PhD, Author of Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Revolution in Change, Fairmount Minerals Professor and Professor at Weatherhead School of Management - Case Western Reserve University, Chair in Social Entrepreneurship, and Director of the Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit

"The Operation Legacy Team has done our returning Veterans and our Nation a great service. This book and the important program that it represents will improve or even save many lives among the thousands of military men and women, heroes all, who are returning from war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The book is easy to read, easy to use and powerful in its impact. Anyone who uses these materials will benefit from them. As a Hospital Corpsman serving in Vietnam with both the Marines and the Navy I have seen the affects of war close up. Surviving combat does not always mean surviving the experience of war. “Operation Legacy “will be the difference for many of our returning troops and help each one that is touched by the program to transition to happier and more productive life. We should all salute and support this important work." - William Belgard HMCM USNR Ret., Director Aerospace & Defense, Oliver Wyman Consulting Group , Marsh McLennan Inc.

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About Us

Dr. Charles A. Macias, Psy.D | Dr. Richard H. Nicholson, Psy.D | Joyce Zhang, MS, MFT | Vicki Andrews Barilla,MS, PMP

The Journey began with an alliance of three Principal Founders wanting to make a difference with intensive life planning information enabling our military men and women in the transition to purposeful, productive, and meaningful civilian lives.

Issues and needs for "Operation Legacy" Workbooks: There is a gap between military and civilian life. Lack of foundational preparation in civilian life planning strategies sets the stage for a downward spiral including apathy, unemployment, broken relationships, addiction and depression.

Our Vision is to see our military men, women and their families successfully "cross the gap" and transition into civilian life with purpose, passion, focus, and meaning.

Our Mission is to provide every Military man, woman and their families with this information, insight and skills to successfully develop their life plan to bridge military life to civilian life.

Our Values are to trust in God, embrace purpose in life, and to believe in and support our American Freedoms. With a bias for aligning mission, passion, purpose, and action, we strive to support military men, women and their families to achieve a successful, meaningful and happy life after Military Duty.

Team Member Bios

Dr. Charles A. Macias, Psy.D, served in the U.S. Marine Corps and also has over 30 years of experience training thousands of individuals in personal development, leadership, and teamwork. He has worked for major aerospace/military companies and Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Macias earned his Doctorate Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in organizational consulting in teamwork, management, leadership, personal development, and action based human performance. Charles has conducted personal development seminars and workshops, and also has members of his family that have served in the military. Email: Charlie.marines@operationlegacy.com

Dr. Richard H. Nicholson, Psy.D, is an experienced Organizational Psychologist with expertise in human performance, seminar development, and life coaching. He has held key positions with major defense contract companies and has worked extensively with active and retired military personnel. Richard also holds a second degree black belt in martial arts and includes elements of this in his training and development. Seven members of Dr. Nicholson's family have served in the armed forces. Email: richard.nicholson@operationlegacy.com

Joyce Zhang, MS, MFT, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Joyce received her Bachelor of Science degree from University of California, Los Angeles. She received her Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary, School of Psychology. She works extensively with clients suffering from traumatic life experiences. Her approaches have enabled her clients to overcome obstacles and create personal plans for action and achievement. Joyce is completing her Doctorate in Psychology and continues to focus on developing therapeutic methods to help trauma victims achieving personal success and well-being.

Vicki Andrews Barilla,MS, PMP,has degrees in education and management information systems. She is a trained Stephen Minister and received a certificate from The Leadership Institute in Christian leadership, discipleship, and spiritual formation. Vicki has effectively managed significant personal and business transitions. She has professional and leadership experience in the fields of education, the legislative branch of the federal government, the automotive industry, healthcare industry, and vocational ministry. She has received White House recognition for her community service and involvement. Her family has served in several branches of the military from the American Revolution to current service deployment today.