Transitioning from Military life to Civilian life
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I am a Military Hero Who Has Served My Country... Now What?

It's America's turn to give back with the Operation Legacy Life Planning and Light To My Path Workbooks!

      Operation Legacy Workbook
The 314 Page Workbook is a hands-on stand alone skill building tool designed specifically for our Military Heroes. It walks the Veteran through 5 steps and 20 life changing exercises to develop a robust life plan based on their personal vision, purpose, passions, mission and strengths

Light To My Path
The same proven exercises as the Operation Legacy Workbook, enhanced with bible scriptures and faith based language.
  Original Version   Faith-Based Biblical    

Disturbing Facts

Welcome home! Photo by Poppyseed Bandits
Female Iraq war veterans are the fastest growing population of homeless in the U.S. They weren't homeless when they joined the military. What happened?

One in four homeless persons is a veteran.

Suicide rates among veterans far exceed the civilian population.

The number of active-duty soldiers getting divorced has been rising sharply with deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Joblessness for Veterans age 20 - 24 is three times the national average.

Our veterans do not have to become part of these statistics - and we can all help! See more on the Alarming Statistics Page.

How We Can Help

Soldier hugs his family Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army
The Operation Legacy and Light To My Path Workbooks are life planning tools to create a Life Plan with Purpose and Meaning! Our U.S. Military troops are coming home. They have already paid the price - it is America's turn to give back. Every U.S. Veteran, Reservist and National Guard deserves to live a successful life for themselves and their family that passes their legacy on to future generations.

Operation Legacy™ Mission: To get the Operation Legacy and Light To My Path workbooks in the hands of every U.S. military Veteran and Reservist. The Operation Legacy™ Workbooks are designed specifically for the military Veterans and Reservists to develop and execute a life plan of purpose, meaning and happiness.

Buy a Book - Help a Veteran.
We seek sponsors for 2 million books ASAP.

Book Sponsors include individuals, companies and any organization that wants to help achieve the mission by purchasing workbooks and giving them to the Veterans and Reservists.

Our intention is that our Veterans should not have to purchase their own workbooks. This can be made possible by America citizens, corporations and giving organizations providing these materials and education for our Veterans who have served the country well.

Observe a Moment of Silence in Their Honor

The casualty count for U.S American deaths in the Iraq Coalition from 3/2003 to 12/2008 is 4,221. America mourns the loss of these American heroes (Source:

As you read this, please take a moment of silence in their honor. Please remember all they’ve given for our American freedom and the lives we’ve lost … fathers and sons … mothers and daughters … neighbors and friends.

We want to ensure that not one single veteran is ever forgotten; not on our watch.

And remember, you can also honor current military members and veterans by giving them this life changing book.

It’s a wonderful way to honor a life of service—and show how much you care. Thank you for supporting our troops and remembering our Veterans.

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Issues They Face

Soldier and baby Cpl. Joe Roos, Minnesota Ntl. Guard Public Affairs
Lack of foundational preparation in civilian life planning strategies, skills and execution of effective personal action plans sets the stage for a downward spiral. This includes apathy, unemployment, broken relationships, addiction and depression. There is a gap between military and civilian life. Our American Heroes deserve the best we have to offer. They have already paid the price.

Now it is everyone's turn to help our Military Heroes transition to a successful civilian life with their families.

Our Veterans and Reservists deserve to Transition to a Civilian Life of Purpose, Meaning and Happiness for themselves and their families!

This is the Road Map to their Future. Designed specifically for the military to civilian transition, the Operation Legacy workbook walks the reader through five steps and twenty exercises. The Light To My Path workbook includes the same proven exercises as the Operation Legacy workbook and includes bible scriptures and faith-based language. The workbooks develop a personal life plan that aligns the veteran's and Reservist's personal vision and mission, with their passions and skills to achieve a successful and happy life.

Goal: A workbook for every Veteran and Reservist. There should never have to be a charge to our heroes. PLEASE HELP.

First Target: Two Million workbooks for Two Million Veterans/Reservists.

Every Veteran, Reservist and National Guard person should own these workbooks.

The Timing Is NOW!

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Operation Leacy
Share the Vision, Make a Difference, and Give a Book to a Veteran!


"...I think it is a fantastic approach to the issues that returning military are facing. I had a couple of issues when I got back trying to assimilate myself into Hollywood where I work in the Film industry. It was hard! Through talking to other veterans who returned before me, I eventually learned how to cope. The things they taught me are very similar to what is written in your book. I am actually better off mentally and spiritually now after my deployment than before I left! I will save this Operation Legacy book for the next returning veteran I encounter and will pass along your information to many more! Thanks!" - D.M., Iraq Veteran

"As a follow up I am on page 70 of the Veteran book and thus far it is a great resource. The book will prove to be very valuable. Thank you for the opportunity! Military personnel are in great need for these kinds of resources as is the entire nation". - S.S., Los Angeles, CA

Help a Veteran by Giving Them a Workbook That Will Last a Lifetime

"Five Star Endorsement: "This reads like the definitive Field Manual for the difficult transition from military to civilian life. Wish I'd had something similar when I made the leap. It would have saved a lot of hassles and heartaches. If you're planning on leaving military service after one tour or an entire career, get this book and study it from cover to cover. If you know someone who is getting out and about to cross that transitional minefield, get this book for them. You can't find a better way to say thank you for their service." - Dale Dye, Captain, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret), Warriors Inc., Media Military Advisors

Our Journey began with an alliance of three Principal Founders committed to making a difference for our military men and women to transition to purposeful, productive, and meaningful civilian lives.

Our founders have extensive backgrounds in organizational and personal development, and family therapy. We want to help our heroic men and women with the vital transition from military to a happy and successful meaningful civilian life.

E-mail or call us if you are interested in supporting this project in any capacity.

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You Want to Help, but You Don't Know How?

Buy a Book -

Change a Life.

It's That Easy!

Thank you for honoring our troops as they return home.

Thank you for your support,
Dr. Charles A. Macias / U.S. Marine
Dr. Richard H. Nicholson (Black Belt)
Joyce Zhang, M.F.T.

Operation Legacy Founders


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