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"This reads like the definitive Field Manual for the difficult transition from military to civilian life. Wish I'd had something similar when I made the leap. It would have saved a lot of hassles and heartaches. If you're planning on leaving military service after one tour or an entire career, get this book and study it from cover to cover. If you know someone who is getting out and about to cross that transitional minefield, get this book for them. You can't find a better way to say thank you for their service." - Dale Dye, Captain, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret), Warriors Inc., Media Military Advisors

“Operation Legacy will help you answer the question, 'Why am I here on this planet?' and 'How can I best maximize my gifts and talents to serve humanity?' Don’t become one of the many who pass through life without having played their best music. Take this book to heart and give it your all. Remember, if you can look up, then you can get up – so never give up.” - Dr. Ron Archer, Consultant to U.S. Military, Pastor, and Author of Ron Archer on Teams, Dunamis, and Soulfood for the Chicken.

“Spread this gift around. Operation Legacy is for everyone in the midst of one of life's great transitions. Its revolutionary tools and exercises create focus and velocity—exactly what you need to start soaring with a life of passion, purpose, and positive attitude. Where does the secret of success reside? Come look inside.” - David Cooperrider PhD, Author of Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Revolution in Change, Fairmount Minerals Professor and Professor at Weatherhead School of Management - Case Western Reserve University, Chair in Social Entrepreneurship, and Director of the Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit

"This is a must-read down to earth workbook that is clearly written to provide the much needed support and encouragement for our military heroes as they make the transition from military life to civilian life. This book is a true gift to give to these heroes who have given so much of themselves for our country. I would encourage all family members of these heroes to read this as well. It is inspirational while at the same time giving practical suggestions that will improve the quality of their lives." - Lisa Porche-Burke, PhD, Past President of Phillips Graduate Institute

Military Family Photo by Sgt Lisa Lotter
"The Operation Legacy Team has done our returning Veterans and our Nation a great service. This book and the important program that it represents will improve or even save many lives among the thousands of military men and women, heroes all, who are returning from war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The book is easy to read, easy to use and powerful in its impact. Anyone who uses these materials will benefit from them. As a Hospital Corpsman serving in Vietnam with both the Marines and the Navy I have seen the affects of war close up. Surviving combat does not always mean surviving the experience of war. “Operation Legacy “will be the difference for many of our returning troops and help each one that is touched by the program to transition to happier and more productive life. We should all salute and support this important work." - William Belgard HMCM USNR Ret., Director Aerospace & Defense, Oliver Wyman Consulting Group , Marsh McLennan Inc.

To our military veterans, “I encourage you to embrace the principles of this book. YOU have served us well and to that end we are grateful. Let the information herein serve you to become what you were destined to achieve and that is greatness.” -Antonio Loya, U.S. Army Combat Veteran

"A desire to make a difference in our world is woven into the fabric of most humans. Operation Legacy is a must-read- a rebirth for anyone looking to design a road map for a meaningful life. The authors show genuine gratitude for our veterans. They reignite a spirit that leads to a life of hope, promise and self-discovery." - Nancy Santarelli, Dale Carnegie Training Consultant


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