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Please refer Operation Legacy Authors and Staff for interviews and speaking engagements to help get the word out!

17th Annual Veterans Holiday Celebration





California Governor's Women's Conference

Operation Legacy attended this event because the fastest
growing homeless population is Female Iraq War Veterans!

Dr. Nicholson (left) and Dr. Macias "manning" the booth at the Women's conference.

Two female heroes stopped by the Operation Legacy booth. Female Iraq war Veterans are the fastest growing homeless population in America.

Recent female Veteran working her transition to civilian life. We thank you for your service from our hearts.

Denice Kennedy (left) and a United States female veteran hero we are very proud of. Thank you for serving from the bottom of our hearts!


Los Angeles Fundraiser for our Veterans

Dr. Charles Macias with distinguished guests.

Many Troops and Veterans were honored at the event.

Iraq war documentary film directors and producers showcased their video.


GI Film Festival at the Regan Library in Simi Valley



Capt. Dale Dye Ret. USMC & Dr. Charles A. Macias at 2009 Film Festival

Dr. Charles A. Macias with Gary Sinise (Actor) at 2009 GI Film Festival

2009 Film Festival Reagan Presidential Library (Simi Valley, Ca.)


Dr. Charles A. Macias, Jake Rademacher, and Lady Friend (Film Producer- Brothers At War)


2009 GI Film Festival- Reagan Presidential Library (Simi Valley, Ca.)


Long Beach VA Car Show

Operation Legacy Co-author Dr. Charles Macias with our future American Leaders from the Sunburst Youth Academy in Los Alamitos, CA. Way to go girls! You are GREAT!!!

We are very proud of our Veterans and honored to speak with them and thank them for serving.

Denice Kennedy shows how the Operation legacy workbook and Dale Carnegie Training courses change lives. The GI bill now covers Dale Carnegie Training classes. We highly recommend them.

The Coast Guard stopped by to say hello and share some stories. We appreciate all who serve and volunteer.

The VA Police paused for a picture with Christian, one of our youngest supporters of troops and veterans.

The Frisco's Girls Carhops on roller skates from the local restaurant volunteered their time for the VA car show.

We are reaching out to America to help buy books for our Veteran Heroes.

Lizz takes a break with the Operation Legacy workbook.


2009 Honor Run Motorcycle ride from Washington D.C. to Orange County California

Operation Legacy Co-authors Rich and Charles with actor Kevyn Major Howard (Star of Full Metal Jacket) with his fleet of "Fueled by the Fallen" cars commemorating our fallen military heroes.

Actor Gary Sinise (from Forest Gump and CSI New York) with his Lt. Dan Band played a great show for the crowd.

Dr. Macias (Charlie) thanks a USMC Veteran and his wife for serving.

The guys from Camp Pendleton lend a hand.

Charlie meets Producer Director Michael McIntosh at the Fueled for Freedom booth. Mike has a real heart for our Veterans and their well-being.


Seal Beach Car Show


Co-author Dr. Rich Nicholson, Lizz Nicholson, Denice Kennedy (Women's Issues) and Dale Carnegie Liaison, Co-author Dr. Charles Macias

U.S. Army soldier and his fiancé - preparing for deployment - You guys are our real Heroes!

Co-authors with Dr. Steve Allison

The U.S. Navy stopped by to say Hello. AMERICA APPRECIATES YOUR SERVICE!

Veteran Art Ridgway and wife Aileen Support our Veterans

Many stopped by to show their support of our Veterans and Troops!

David Gray - friend of Operation Legacy and employee of the Long Beach Veterans Administration. Thank You!

Operation Legacy Authors with a member of the CA Militia

Newly graduated therapist and student preparing themselves to serve the mental health needs of Veterans

Veteran and Retired Sheriff - Appreciates our troops and supports their service

Seal Beach's finest in uniform - Thank You for all you do!


The Operation Legacy Team

Co-author Drs. Charles Macias and Rich Nicholson presentation of Operation Legacy Workbook to Dr. Rendell Drew, Education Expert.

Lizz Nicholson of Operation Legacy with Tony Loya (Veteran), who wrote the forward letter in the Operation Legacy Workbook honoring those soldiers who did not return home.

Lizz Nicholson (left) and Denice Kennedy (right) of Operation Legacy with Lisa Barbarik


Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) District 2, Santa Ana, CA "Loyalty Day" Program

Operation Legacy team members with Santa Ana VFW members.

Co-authors Dr. Charles Macias (left) and Dr. Rich Nicholson address the "troops" at the VFW program. Thank you for your service to our Veterans.




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