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Frequently Asked Questions to Operation Legacy

What is Operation Legacy?

Operation Legacy is a National project consisting of an Operation Legacy Workbook (with 5 steps and 20 exercises) or a Light To My Path Workbook (a faith-based biblical version of the Operation Legacy Workbook) that helps our veteran’s transition from military life to a civilian life of purpose, meaning and happiness.

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How is Operation Legacy unique?

We have blended over 30 years of corporate training and development, personal development, therapy and counseling experience to produce our books. We also have military, and martial arts at the black belt level. All of these come together for a dynamic, proven and results oriented program that consists of a standalone workbooks. Our Operation Legacy workbooks can help the Veteran and their family.

What are the benefits?

Our research identified a gap from when a service man or women exits the military, to getting on with a solid life plan. There are resources for job hunting and receiving VA benefits, but not much of that helps them identify a purpose and mission in life that uses their passions and skills - something that they can pursue with excitement and really make an impact for them and their families.

What are your backgrounds and qualifications?

Parade Dr. Charles Macias is an organizational psychologist and former active Marine with 30 years of experience in corporate training and personal development.

Dr. Rich Nicholson is an organizational psychologist with over 25 years in corporate organizational development, personal development and has a 2nd degree black belt in martial arts.

Joyce Zhang is a licensed MFT, marriage and family therapist, has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and is pursuing her doctoral degree.
We refer to ourselves a "Transitional Psychologists", focusing on helping people transition through major phases in their lives with purpose and meaning.

How long have you been involved in this?

We have individually been helping people develop their skills, achieve their goals and become emotionally healthy for decades, but Operation Legacy is a new grass roots project launched in 2008 after about a year and a half of preparation.

Why do you do what you do?

Our passion is to see people grow and be successful in their areas of strength and passion. We have also worked with youth and civilian groups, but there is such a need for our veterans and their families right now - that’s where our heart is.

What kind of follow-up do you provide?

Operation Legacy provides communications and recommendations to sustain the Life Planning process, as well as references to follow-up resources. For example, getting involved with a military support group or organization, taking advantage of V.A. resources, utilizing a life coach, or seeking counseling for you and your family. The Operation Legacy workbooks provide the best foundation to move forward productively in whatever support system they choose.

How are the books financed?

Our books are funded entirely by corporate, organizations or individual sponsorship. There should never be a charge to Veterans for our books, unless they choose to pick up their own.

Are you a non-profit organization? Why?

At this point in time Operation Legacy is a for-profit LLC and we pay taxes just like everyone else. We sell workbooks, however, Operation Legacy always contributes 10% of our gross revenues to charities as a core value. We are interested in affiliating with non-profit organizations that share the vision and passion for our Veterans.

What is one thought you would leave the audience with today?

Everybody is special, and everyone can make an impact in life. Our U.S. military heroes have already paid the price. The rest of us can sponsor workbooks to provide them with the tools necessary to have a life of purpose, meaning and happiness for themselves and their families. This creates the legacy to pass on to future generations.


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