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Now There are Four Easy Grass-Root Ways to Support our Troops with Operation Legacy

1) Buy one or more Workbooks for Veterans and help them make a great life of purpose and meaning ($29 per workbook). book titles: Operation Legacy & Light To My Path

2) Donate any amount for books that we will distribute to veterans.

3) Ask your company, organization or faith-based group to sponsor books. (Contact Us)

4) Help spread the word by forwarding this website: to your friends and contacts and ask them to pass it on, and on.

5) Contact us for volume discounts. (Contact Us)

Returning Veterans should never pay to own a book to get back on their feet; they have already paid the price.

Book/Workbook: The Workbooks are hands-on stand alone skill building tools designed specifically for our Military Heroes. The workbooks walk the Veteran through 5 steps and 20 life changing exercises to develop a robust life plan based on their personal vision, purpose, passions, mission and strengths. Books are only $29. Proven principles and time tested action steps for a better life. Click Here to Purchase.

Corporations and Philanthropic Organizations

Giving a workshop is an extra special way to say we care about our Veterans with honor and dignity.

American Grass Roots Approach

Everyone wants to "support our troops" - but how? Buying a book for a Veteran is easy and makes a difference for a lifetime.

Buy several books if you want to touch more lives!

The "Operation Legacy" and "Light To My Path" Workbooks Change Lives

Please Help with Referrals that can result in:

  • Radio
  • TV
  • Internet
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  Speaking Invitations
  • Events
  • Meetings
  • Groups

Contact us with referral information

We serve our country, but it's also about coming home to our families!



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