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American flag flying at half staff

The Colors fly with meaning....


And we honor those who have fallen...

American flag with a bald eagle
We shall never forget their bravery...

And help to leave their legacy...

By helping those who come home.

Operation Legacy is always in need of referrals to help get the word out and get us in touch with influential people.

If you know people who are ready to purchase workbooks for our veterans, or have a great idea for getting the word out which results in sales of Operation Legacy workbooks, we want to hear from you.

We are currently accepting inquiries and proposals for involvement.

Local Government - Each local community across America has active troops and veterans. We believe that the local city government can say thank you by providing the Operation Legacy workbooks to their troops and veterans.

Faith-based Organizations - Faith based organizations take care of their troops and military members in the community by gifting Operation Legacy workbooks to them. They can also provide them with information about their services or resources.

Companies - Many companies want to support the troops and veterans in their communities. Often times these companies already have a budget in place.

Individuals - Our country is proud to have many patriotic Americans that want to help our Veterans, but don't know how. Buying or donating for Operation Legacy workbooks changes lives.

Professional Groups and Associations - Many professional associations provide contributions for worthy causes. Every occupation is represented by associations including therapists and counselors that could use the Operation Legacy workbooks with their clients.

Fraternal Groups and Clubs - These include groups like the VFW, Rotary, Elks, Women's Groups, etc. We are a country of active volunteer organizations. Contact these groups locally and see who steps up to help our troops and veterans plan for a life of purpose and meaning.

Non-profit Organizations - There are a variety of non-profit organizations whose mission it is to help troops and veterans. If the Operation Legacy book helps them achieve their mission, then it's a win-win-win.

Giving Foundations - These groups exist to give to worthy causes.

Vendors: There are many vendors at Public Events, Fairs, Swap Meets, etc., that can add Operation Legacy workbooks to their current line of products, or start up another booth for our Troops and Veterans.

Contact Us - We Need Your Referrals

We are always seeking Referrals to help get the word out:

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  • TV
  • Internet
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
Speaking Invitations
  • Events
  • Meetings
  • Groups


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